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Nacho watches Terra Nova

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Here, I'll watch it while the phones are ringing like crazy. That means it'll take all day.

We start with "At the dawn of the 22nd Century..." Our information scroll thing playing over a very sick looking Earth.

And then the Earth 2 logo comes up and... No! Wait. Sorry...

Haha! Oh no! Okay...zoom down on a gritty city, our main guy is walking through the filthy hallways of his dystopian apartment complex. In he goes to his apartment through his fancy door, and his son makes his entrance -- via fire pole! So zzzzip -- thunk. Hey dad!

80 seconds in and it's already an unintentional comedy.

I hope every character enters a scene via fire pole throughout the pilot.

Population Control! Come to toss the apartment, as you do. I want that job. Go house to house and tear everything apart like a bunch of psychotic Nazis.

Our hero has a little girl. Against the law! She has to be hidden from the Population Control guys. Who would probably treat her better than, say, the Velociraptors we're about to meet.

Oh! Our guy beats up the Pop Con guys and goes to jail for two years. No more fire pole entrances! Well...not in the way he's used to.

This thread is awesome!


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