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RC's Vintage Sci-Fi Toy Bazaar


Missus RC and I gave been on a mad cleaning binge in preparation for an epic yard sale in August. About a month ago, I pulled two large cardboard boxes of old Star Wars toys from our attic. They're a mess. The boxes are filled with cobwebs and silverfish. Today, I finally got around to cleaning the toys.

Apparently, some enterprising aunt got all the sci-fi fantasy shows of the late 70s/early 80s confused because I have some non-Star Wars toys in the mix.

First up is Muffit from the original BSG, which Nacho tells me was the Jar Jar Binks of the 70s.

I also have a Draconian Marauder from Buck Rogers in the 25th Century. I think I remember my Dad got me this for a birthday at the time when Kenner's X-Wing fighters were nigh impossible to find.

I'll post pictures tonight of some of the Star Wars stuff. The sheer quantity of items I have is impressive.

Suck in that gut, Gil! You can breathe again when we're done with the photo shoot in 45 minutes.

Crappy iPhone pics, but here's all the Star Wars toys. I cleaned for four hours before I stopped. Still have the big ships to do. Click the thumbnails for bigger pictures.



This site breaks down ALL the Kenner Star Wars toys from 1977 - 1985.



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