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"Anno Dracula" by Kim Newman. I haven't heard of it until today. Sounds kind of cool.

--- Quote ---ANNO DRACULA is an alternative history of what would happen if Van Helsing and his rag-tag band of Victorian “hunters” hadn’t taken down the Count. In this case, Dracula would go on to marry Queen Victoria, in the process turning a good portion of London and bringing other lines of vampires out of the woodwork. In the year 1888, this new nightlife has become quite the norm. But not everyone is pleased by the vampire overlord and his children. The murderer “Silver Knife” has started taking down vampire prostitutes in the district of Whitechapel. But these seemingly unimportant murders soon gather the attention of very important people, both warm and cold.
--- End quote ---

Been on my Wishlist forever! Now's my excuse to take it off.


I've become obsessed with William Blake lately. Looking for a good biography. This is probably the one ,eh?

His is the most quoted.


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