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What's with all the English Muffins?  Bleah.  Looks like they're trying, but some of those prices are outrageous.  I guess that's DC for you, eh?  But why would you spend $22 on shrimp and grits when $2 more will get who a whole delmonico steak?  On the plus side they do offer Lynchburg lemonade, a punch I try to make every summer with little success. 

Yeah, those prices are pretty mid-range.

That's why I was so shocked at the Commander's Palace bill. I expected that to approach $400.

I was shocked by our Commander's bill.  But I blame that on all the damn mineral water. 


--- Quote ---The Hawk ‘n Dove is located at 329 Pennsylvania Avenue SE. It’s Web site says:

“The Hawk ‘n’ Dove has proudly catered to Washingtonians, tourists, and Hill workers since 1967. It is a historic part of Capitol Hill and nearly everyone who has ever spent time in the Nation’s Capital has a story about a night spent at the Hawk. Despite the changing decades, the Hawk ‘n’ Dove remains steadfast on Pennsylvania Ave and the interior is virtually unchanged from when the doors opened on Christmas Eve over 40 years ago.”
--- End quote ---

No longer:

--- Quote ---“The new face of the Hawk is Xavier Cervera, another impresario of Capitol Hill eateries, The Hawk will join the Chesapeake Room, Senart’s Oyster and Chop House, Molly Malone’s, Lola’s and a host of other in-the-works establishments in Cervera’s portfolio. He waxes enthusiastic about his plans (closing in October and re-opening in about six months), and has not only purchased the name, but a good deal of the memorabilia (including the clock, some wall sconces and photographs) which will be returned to the walls. But he adds that it will be a “100% renovation.” He will open three heretofore hidden fireplaces, and plans to panel the walls and bar with the 30,000 pounds of dark mahogany he has already purchased.

The most radical change—but the one probably least unexpected—will be the replacement of the many small rooms, both upstairs and down, with what Cervera describes as a welcoming, open space overlooked by a mezzanine, and featuring a 50-foot exhibition bar, dispensing 25 beers on tap and 16 wines by the glass.”
--- End quote ---


--- Quote from: nacho on July 19, 2011, 01:50:18 PM ---Truorleans has updated their website:

Check out the drinks menu and the hurricanes measured by category.

Maybe they can measure the strength of their other drinks based on body count?

--- End quote ---

Finally got to Truorleans!

I feel like I've done some sort of deep damage to my soul and, forever more, will be spiritually damaged.

The gallery was closed, so I sat outside. After 10 minutes, my waitress came up, looking as if she just climbed out of a car crash, and took my order. I asked for a Restoration Ale and a fried shrimp Po' Boy. 20 minutes later, beer and sandwich arrived.

Figuring that it would be that kind of service, I asked her for another beer as soon as everything arrived. She seemed confused, but jotted down the note.

On the menu, next to the Po' Boy heading, it says "7-inch subs" in parenthesis. At the bottom of the menu, it bleats on about how authentic they are about New Orleans food.  The Po' Boy, though, is exactly what the parenthesis says. Fried shrimp on a hoagie. So...authentic on Earth 72, maybe, where New Orleans is a suburb of Philly.

For a sub, it wasn't so bad. And Abita's always nice. It took 30 minutes for my second beer to arrive, so I had plenty of time to contemplate the professionalism of waitresses.

But...she was cute, for a crash victim, and I tipped her well.

Glad to get the place out of my system, though. Now I can return to my soulless Capitol Hill bars and know that I'm not missing anything.


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