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The (non) Sleep Deprivation Years


I slept for thirteen hours last night. Seriously, I woke up long enough to email Nacho that I wasn't going to get him the stuff he needed than crashed out again.

I usually get about eight to nine hours of sleep a night depending on when I wake up. (I usually don't use an alarm.) But lately it's been less. I think it was a Monday overnight trip to WV and back to take care of the in-laws that did me in, but it's been a long time since I did a marathon like that. I used to be able to go on no sleep for weeks. Now one night of staying up to late and driving twelve hours does me in.

Um, so yeah, I'm not 22 anymore.

I did that on Sunday. You should also factor in that, like me, you've been under intense stress for years. Let me be the cautionary tale!


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