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TV 2.0 (Netflix vs. Amazon vs The Old Gods)

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Yeah, we're going just streaming as well. What do you bet that Netflix makes less and less available through streaming though.

Also, it's worth noting the lack of competition. What are your alternatives if Netflix pisses you off? Blockbuster Online? Amazon Streaming? iTunes? Netflix knows they're the only game in town.

Netflix claims the cost increase is because the studios are pressing them for more money. But, for years now, they've been very vocal about getting out of what they call their "legacy business" -- DVD's in the post. I bet streaming is going to get better, and we're going to see more of it, simply because Netflix would dearly love to eliminate the red envelope DVD's entirely.

So I see this not as an attempt to get more money out of us, but instead an attempt to simply price out enough of the old-style customers so they can make the leap to streaming-only.

If it gets my movie to stream, I'm all for it.

Reginald McGraw:
So, I signed up for Netflix streaming on the PS3...the selection was atrocious...250 choices only? Am I missing something?

I cancelled it immediately.

You must be missing something... Unless the PS3 has some weirdo rules I don't know about. But, hell, most of the catalog is streaming these days.


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