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Yesterday was 'Day 1' of production on Cougars, NMP's new short horror comedy written and directed by yours truly. Technically I've been in pre-production in it for about six weeks, but since yesterday was our first real physical work on the short, I'm logging it as 'Day 1.'

The story? It goes something like this:

--- Quote ---Teenage Sasha constantly battles with the promiscuous ways of her mother, Bastet. When young Stuart decides to walk Sasha home from school, he gets more than he bargained for when he discovers Sasha's and Bastet's dark secret.
--- End quote ---

I'm going to try to do video production diaries throughout the process. Here's the first one; all about "life casting" for FX make-up.

You need to start each one with the static. It's like I'm watching a report to Earth from the Dark Star.

Making a movie is a lot like being trapped in deep space with a bunch of crazy people.

This is going to be a good project. I got nothing but good vibes from it last night. Hoping to lock in the location today!


Posting a sneak peek of Cougars tomorrow.


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