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Not to totally derail the thread, but the garlic vodka was simply too much garlic for two cups of vodka. It seems to me that the right way to infuse is the way you see it in bars; a big three or four galleon glass container filled with layers of vegetables where you pour the vodka in through the top and let it seep through all the veggies. Then you have a spout at the bottom that you serve the vodka with.

But I'm going to go buy some Mason jars and start experimenting!


And here's the mason jar method:

And don't reply for a few minutes because I'll split these off and put them in the Lush forum.

And a more general link:

Those 204 oz babies with the spout are pretty cheap.

Hmmmmm . . . a plan is forming.

I guess I'd want to do small amounts first to test out what I like. I'd get pretty sick of bloody marys before long. I want to do fruity stuff too.

Homemade grape bombs!!


The grapefruit lemongrass vodka sounds nice:

Watching an episode of Drinking Made Easy now where Zane is going nuts about bacon vodka. The "breakfast in a glass" bloody mary sounds awesome...

So house made bacon vodka -- fry three strips of hickory-smoked bacon, put them in a bottle of vodka, wait until the vodka turns smoky and the bacon looks like it's raw (it'll lose its color and sink down into the bottom of the bottle).

Here's the recipe for the bloody mary (and I'll drink this with you!):

Breakfast in a Glass

Bacon Infused vodka
Tomato Juice
Worcestershire Sauce
Hot Sauce
Celery Salt
Garlic Salt


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