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The 'Alien Interview' Footage. Purported to be footage smuggled out of Area 51 that shows a debriefing of an alien who crash landed on Earth. UFOlogists are torn as to its authenticity.

Just once...just fucking once...I want to see a video or a photo of something supernatural taken by a proper camera.

And I don;'t mean a film camera.  I mean, you can get better images from a $10 webcam, or a 7-11 security camera.  When a jet fighter blows up a bunker, you get an image as clear as day.  When it's chasing a UFO, it's like they're using a Kodak black and white Super-8 from 1967. 

I feel the same way. Camera technology has evolved to where an idiot can take a clear picture without trying.

Of course, then there's the government cover-up theory that says any clear photos are confiscated before they get disseminated. The way the internet and movie piracy works, I don't see how that would be possible.  Once something's out there, it's out there.

UFO's in the news!

Here's the report from my groovy funky paranormal weirdo site:

And it's since been picked up:


Now, we should take these reports with a grain of salt.  The Iron Sky guys have proven, over the last six months, to be geniuses with guerrilla media.

I linked to Kammler above. Lots of interesting stuff there as aliens or no, it seems almost certain that the Nazis were developing some form of flying disk/saucer technology. (And all of it was a precursor to the stealth and VTOL technology employed by most modern military aircraft.)

All that aside, if real, those pictures are amazing no matter what.


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