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Unrelated really, except it's a Western... I have wanted to re-watch Deadwood ever since I found out they were wrapping the storyline with a movie in 2019. I balked on it because I was certain the wife would never take to it, but surprisingly, she got hooked on the series almost immediately. We watched all three seasons in about 2 weeks. It's just as great as I remember and I was surprised how much of the storyline I'd forgotten since watching it in 2007. I guess that's how old age goes.

Then we got around to the movie a few weeks ago and I have to say... it's one of the most disappointing things I've seen in a long time. Maybe it's because Milch was in the throes of dementia while he wrote and filmed it, I don't know. But Jesus, it was pretty terrible. The only saving grace of it all was getting to see your favorite characters again, even if only for a few moments. They'd all aged considerably, some more than others, but it was striking considering just a few nights before, we'd been watching them as young bucks.

The movie had its moments and a few decent lines, but overall... what a huge letdown.

The movie was an abomination and ruined the whole series for me.

Season 2 was positively Shakespearian.


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