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Using A VPN Service


Disco Dust:
Anyone with knowledge or experience regarding using a VPN service on one's PC to access blocked sites?

I just signed up for one called logmein, and though I get connected to it; it does not allow me to view the sites blocked in my area.

Logmein is what you use to log remotely into other computers, not get by blocked sites.

If you're fighting Websense, just give up.  I've been at war with that for two years now at work, and there's no getting around them without tipping your hand.  Otherwise, any sort of proxy service will work.

Disco Dust:
Well....I just do not feel all that comfortable using proxies even for accessing fairly mundane sites like YouTube, as I've read of too many horror stories of hacking and diseased PC's because of it.

So you know that VPN is networking, right?  Accessing remote computers, etc.  If you want to get around blocked sites on the computer you're on, your only option is a proxy.  Or make friends with someone in IT like my boss who's watching Netflix all day!

Disco Dust:
Hmmm....I had some people tell me that a VPN could be used to access blocked sites on a PC.

YT and FB are the sites that I miss most (because of the restrictions in my current locale), but now realize that the great majority of the content on the former can be found on other unrestricted sites, while the latter in reality for me is of very practical use...just the insipid details of the domestic dalliances of people I knew many moons ago and very unlikely to meet in the flesh again.


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