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For next year's season of 'Helena, Hussy of Horror,' we're switching up the format. Instead of the horror host/skit thing we've been doing, the show will be more of a traditional web series with a continuous story from episode to episode. The concept is a "live action comic book" that will vary in tone. There's going to be new characters, a villain, and a different production style.

We're using the ever popular Kickstarter to raise an additional $2K to pay for sets, props, green screen miniatures, and special effects.

Check the link below to donate AND see a video featuring one of our new characters.

Oh, and, hey -- I know half the people reading this are unemployed and the other half destroyed their lives forming, say,  publishing companies, but, seriously... One dollar is the minimum!  And, in exchange, you'll get to see Mrs. RC show off her legs, ass, and tits. know. What's one dollar? You'll lose that tonight when you get drunk and pass out in your fancy dockers on a couch.

Also -- foreign people.  You can do this too.  So Monkey, throw us some of those Euros.  And Disco Dust, you can trade in some of that black tar heroin for gold or whatever the fuck currency you use wherever the fuck you are.

Oh! Fun! I'll try to upgrade my level when I see how much my raise actually puts into my paychecks. Because Hussy of Horror condom lolwut?

It's too bad you can't donate top ramen or like... locks of your own hair.  I have a B.A.S.S. sticker and some unopened toothpaste as well.

I hear you. Why else do you think we're begging for money?


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