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Anyone seen/played with the new kindle? Now that they're cheap I kind of want one. 

The uncle has one... And he loves it.  Completely addicted.  He confirms that you can, indeed, read it just fine at the beach and in direct sunlight.  He also spends most of his time downloading the first chapter of books for free and selecting which ones he wants to buy... He treats the goddamn thing like a Blackberry.

And, of course, from the sales tracking side of things, the Kindle is a second wind for all the SFWP books.  I get maybe five Kindle sales a day between the four books.

The main upside for me would be magazines and newspapers, I think.  But, of course, the ones I'd want are all practically as expensive as buying the print editions. 

I'm all about Instapaper on my iPad. Outside of that, I kind of like physical books more. But, the new Kindles are damn attractive. If I wasn't trying to build a big home library, I'd get one.

Then again, maybe I should rethink my home library idea.

Keep with the home library idea, Tyson.

It's what sorts the Great from the chaff.


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