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C Drive headaches

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Disco Dust:
My freaking C drive is driving me crazy because it appears to be full, ergo not allowing me to download anything.

The vexing part is that when I check each folder in it individually and add up the space it is taking, the total is about half of the supposed overall capacity for the drive.

Could there be some hidden files taking up lots of space? Should I delete some big files from the other drives to make more room on the C drive?

Any tips are appreciated.

All I can think of is hidden files... or some weird malware/virus.

Also -- are you talking about partitioned drives? Do people still do that?

Disco Dust:
Since the XP program on the computer is in a language I cannot read worth a lick, I'm more clueless than ever.

The partition thing is a possibility, but I click on another drive to take my downloads, yet for some reason it still fills up the storage space on C drive (at least temporarily).

Back up all your shit on an external drive.

Format C:

Disco Dust:
Can I do that to C without having to reinstall XP afterwards?

Now my system also suddenly shuts down on a frequent basis and give a message about disabling BIOS memory.


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