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The comic sucks.  From start to finish.  I got through the first 30 issues only because I had faith.  I hoped and prayed that it would pick up steam.  It's bullshit.  And I'm going into the show with that condemnation in my heart...

A much better trailer:

It's better because it tells you nothing about the story because this show is going to suck.  But maybe it'll be like True Blood and go on and on for years just so I can have my PA fix, no matter how bad it is.


The trailer does make it look really good and like it has a lot of heart.  I guess a lot depends on the lead actor, huh?  Plus, it's on AMC, home of Mad Men and Breaking Bad.  I'm gonna give it a shot even though I am SO OVER SUPERNATURAL CREATURE DRAMA. 

If they stick with the comics, it's more heavily on the survivors than the zombies.  You get zombies, zombies, zombies...then a group of survivors fucking up their own survival, then zombies zombies zombies, then a 20 issue arc where they're holed up in a fucking prison yelling at each other and going stir crazy. Then a magic zombie tamer comes through the horde surrounding the prison and...that's when I quit.


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