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New Orleans' Top 50 Bars Adventure

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I'd say an hour at a place is good enough. I've had bars I haven't initially liked "grow" on me. On the flip side, I've had bars that That I loved when I walked into, and wanted to burn down after the third drink.

An hour seems fair. That way you get a good grasp of the mood of the place, the general clientele, the drinks, the staff, etc.

And just chat up the bartender if he or she is available. Especially if it's a slow time of day.

We need to talk, Cass.  I've got an idea for the formula.

This is an awesome idea!  If you do two bars a week, it'll only take you 6 months to get through the list.

The carousel bar was kind of cool, but yeah... you don't need to spend that much time in there before it wears on you.  I didn't find conversations difficult to handle, but it was really difficult to find a seat when we were in there which made the whole place kind of annoying.

Yeah, trying to figure out how hard to push it.  When football season starts, it's going to be hard to do two a week.  Well, it wouldn't be hard to do two a week if I didn't do anything else.  But all the "home stuff" during the week takes up a lot of time and energy.

okay, so.  I've never done a blog before.  So someone explain to me the difference between Blogger, wordpress, and tubmlr.  The goal is to have long form content and possibly a few photos from a cell-phone origin.  Nothing fancy.


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