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Suffering Through... (a guide to our marathons)


I figured I'd put this up so people can find my marathon posts in case they're writing a psychological paper on me for their dissertation or something.

While every thread I start in the TV forum is a "suffering through..." marathon thread (see Doctor Who, especially), there's nothing like my TNG experience.  Ugh.  And, now, Lost.  And, after Lost, I'll be hitting all first three seasons of the original Survivors, which just arrived from Amazon yesterday.


Suffering through TNG where I have a few mild strokes.

Suffering Through Lost in which my girlfriend leaves me halfway through the second season.

Suffering through Survivors -- a very British apocalypse.

Stargate (entire franchise)

RC suffers through Star Trek: TOS and I fag up his thread with geekgasms.

You're so wrong on the TNG retcons, man. wtf. also riker's first command was the Potemkin.

LOL. Matt Joke Time!



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