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Okay, I think we should spin this guy out into his own thread... He's the Star Wars review guy that Tyson turned us all on to.  If you haven't watched the must do so! He's really amazing and spot-on.  And he ruined my secret love affair with First Contact...

--- Quote ---RedLetterMedia is a movie production company for Milwaukee-based independent filmmaker Mike Stoklasa. Though Stoklasa has produced other works including wedding and corporate videos and horror films under this title, the filmmaker attracted significant attention in 2009 through a seventy-minute video review of Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace posted to YouTube, presented by his character "Mr. Plinkett". While Stoklasa has published other video reviews for several Star Trek movies prior to this, the Phantom Menace and subsequent Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones reviews received considerable media attention for both the insights provided by the reviews and the manner of the review style, and Stoklasa has continued to create reviews for other movies in the same style.
--- End quote ---

I just watched his Avatar review. Not as amazing as the prequel reviews, but still pretty good.

The best part of waking up is acid in your coffee!

He really got into the groove with the Star Wars stuff.  I think everything before that was just sort of him doing a Greatsociety and not really thinking the world was watching.

RLM's latest review is Baby's Day Out . . . you know, the movie the chick popped in the DVD player at the end of the Episode II review? It's about a half hour long, but the last three minutes is where the "Episode III review is coming" gold is.

The preview below will take you to the review:


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