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'tHERAPY' (2010 48 Hour Film Project)


Once again, I co-wrote a 48 Hour Film Project with Kelley "ball cutter" Slagle's Cavegirl Productions this year. Along with Kelley and Alex Kristobek we wrote what I think is a very funny script called tHERAPY in the "doppelganger" genre. (Seriously.) That's all I say at this point except to say that we're probably all going to hell for the subject matter.

It screens this Friday night at the AFI Silver. I won't be at the screening because I'll be in a car with Nacho and Poppy reenacting scenes from The Hitcher.

If you want to go and support it, details are below.!/note.php?note_id=118645098160641

All hail Blaine.

Poppy Propercock:
Oo!  Bring it along and we'll have our own screening...

You can now watch tHERAPY online here:


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