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We got talking about what I call "The Phantom Menace Syndrome" in another thread. That's when you initially are an apologist for a really shitty movie because you so badly want it to be good.

I thought it would be interesting to go back in some past movie threads and see how my (and other GS-er's) opinion on movies have changed. I was certain that my initial thoughts on Friday the 13th remake was going to be apologist, but it wasn't.

Land of the Dead however:

Haha!  Oh, RC.

We're all apologists for Riddick, I think:

I don't know...I'm going through the forum and can't find anything I initially defended and later recanted.  Though I seem to recall you calling me on a couple of films.

I can say, though, that every single Star Trek movie, except for Wrath of Khan and Abrams, qualifies.  And I'm still an apologist for Star Trek 4 and 6. And occasionally for First Contact, though that's starting to fade. I'm finally admitting to the dreadful flaws in that one, as well.

Oh, and let's have Nubbins revisit this:


And we do have a thread with a similar theme:

Which leads me to my old defense of Jason X that, now, I probably wouldn't do.

And my continued defense of Postman, which I shouldn't be doing and I know it.

Aha!  You got me here (Doomsday again):


The Descent is the one I call you out on because you initially gave it a favorable reveiw. On the front page no less:

Again though, it seemed it was a "Dog Soldiers is so great, THIS HAS TO BE TOO!!!" moment.

Does Riddick qualify? Our apologist attitude hasn't really changed it seems. It's a diamond in the rough, man.


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