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WOMEN'S STUDIES Release! PPV/VOD on May 1! DVD on June 8!

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I'm very excited to announce that Women's Studies will be released all across North America on Tuesday, June 8th.

More at the Fangoria article below:

--- Quote ---• R2 Films gave Fango the news that it has picked up WOMEN’S STUDIES, writer/director Lonnie Martin’s feminism-oriented fright feature, and set a DVD release date under its Big Bite Entertainment banner.

Originally set to be distributed by MTI, the movie has since been re-edited by Martin and will debut on disc June 15. Cindy Marie Martin (pictured above), Tara Garwood, Kelley Slagle, Melisa Breiner-Sanders, Laura Bloechl, Tiffany James and the original NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD’s Judith O’Dea star in this story of a group of road-tripping college students who are brought to an elite academy, where the principles of feminism are taken to violent extremes. DVDetails and cover art are coming soon; another Big Bite entry slated for the 15th is LONG PIGS, which we previously reported on (along with the label’s other titles) here. You can read more about WOMEN’S STUDIES at its official website, and in Fango #294, on sale in May.
--- End quote ---

Women's Studies will be available on Pay-Per-View and Video on Demand on Saturday May 1. Check your cable/satellite provider for dates and times.


Would be June 8th along with the DVD release though I still don't know what's happening there.

Women's Studies has been selected for play on the following HD Networks:
Atlantic Broadband
Bresnan Communication
Bright House Networks
Buckeye Cable
Cablevision Systems
Charter Communications
Insight Communications
Knowlogy Holdings
MediaCom Communications
MidContent Communications
RCN Corp.
Service Electric Cable TV
Time Warner Cable
These are the largest operators in North America. (The only major we're not repped on yet is Direct TV.) The launch date has not been given to us. However, it's not the May 1 date. When I get the date, I'll post it here.
I'll also post the SD networks for the May 1 release.
Man, am I so glad we shot in HD.


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