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My little Saturn Ion is reaching the end of it's run. While there's nothing seriously wrong with it yet, it's got 160,000 miles on it. I'd like to unload it before it does have any major problems.

I still owe money on it, so my trade-in will be limited by that. Why do I still owe money on a car with 160,000 miles? Because my day job involves driving close to 100 miles a day. I got two years more to pay on it. Roughly $2200.

Anyway, since Saturn no longer exists, I've been forced to look elsewhere. In doing research I like the Honda Fit and the Honda Civic. I may even go look at both tomorrow.

Here's the kicker. I want my monthly payment to be under $250.

If anybody has suggestions and thoughts, I'd love to hear them

Haha!  $250.  Drive the Saturn till it blows up, then get a used Jap-Trap with a credit union loan. 

My current payment is under that and I can cope. Basically I want a car that runs and the same payment that I just pay every month without looking at it.

Well, I normally drive cars that are older than my cousin, so my advice is worth nothing. 

I haven't minded the car payment. Of course I'd rather not have had it, but the knowledge of a reliable vehicle has given me some piece of mind. Other then oil changes and tires, I might have put $500 into repairs on my Saturn.


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