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Anyone futz with this yet?  It should be a new tab in your Gmail window... I haven't quite figured it all out yet, but it's already a hell of a lot more useful than Google Wave.

Edit 6/28/11 by Nacho -- Changed this to the catch-all Google thread.  

nacho: makes more sense than Wave.  But, hell, it's just Twitter.  So...whatever.

True, only I think it's better than Twitter because you can actually have a conversation.

Yeah, that's a nice touch.  For me, it's a bit hard since there's a business Gmail, and a GS gmail, and my personal Gmail... So, unlike Twitter, I have to log in and out of various personas.  Plus, Gmail is blocked at work and Twitter isn't.  So... There we go. 

But, I'm a Google fan.  So I'm all for it, regardless.

Yeah, well what excites me is the inevitable integration with my Droid.  I'm already using Latitude on the phone and it updates to Buzz, which is kind of neat.  I have a feeling Buzz might be a bit too intrusive, though.  It's a lot of personal information at everyone's fingertips.  Good thing I am always well behaved.


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