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The Gathering

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"It's not about your penis, it's about togetherness... forget it"

Going to start working my way through this today while people whine at me about their pub manual.

Alright, just finished... good stuff man!  I really enjoyed it.  You do one of these every year?

On part three now.

A suggestion, RC:  Move this to a public area.  It's a shame to keep it MO.  I think it's perfect for the NMP "general" thread...

It's kind of a personal thing, so I was a little bit nervous about getting it out into the open, but I'll move the thread.

Nubbins, the face punch was a stage punch which from the other side of the audience probably didn't look as good.

We get together every year and do something kind of challenging. One year we hiked forty miles in the Utah desert. Another year we did a sketch comedy show. Yet another year we biked a hundred miles down Key West. One year we simply went down to Cabo San Lucas and drank way to much tequila.

The idea is to keep in touch with the crazy, "try anything" guys we were in college.


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