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2010 NMP Genre Convention Tour


Ningen Manga is gearing up for our 2010 Convention tour to promote Women's Stuides and Helena, Hussy of Horror.

First up is HorrorHound Weekend in Indianapolis, Indiana on March 26 - 28 where "Helena" will be making her convention debut as part of their "Vampira" tribute, a gathering of horror hosts from across the nation including Joe Bob Briggs and Elvira, Mistress of the Dark.

"Helena" even made the guest list:

We've got a couple others planned though we're waiting to see how the WS distro situation plays out before making the bookings.

Come on and hang out in Indy!

Man, DC needs to have a horror convention.

That Horrorfind Weekend in Maryland you came to once is the closest we have.

What, no S.F? Oh, fuck you RC! I HATE YOU.

And my assface?

I'm open to suggestions for any and all cons. Texas Frightmare in Dallas and Weekend of Horror in L.A. are both on the short list.

San Diego Comic Con is not . . . at least not this year.


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