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Okay...apps for our smartphones!  What do you use?

For you iPhone types, Roadside America's new app has me salivating:

Though it costs, and it's just for the iPhone.  Fags.

For the Droid, I found this blog, which reviews new apps:

I have a movie one, Yelp, Where, a GPS one that allows me to put in Longitude and Latitude for geo-caching.  Pandora, and a few fun ones.  Like Sneaky Fart, the Schwartz Light Saber one, a recipes and the Geo Star Pointer.

Okay.  Explain geo-caching to me again.  I know what it is...but are you actually doing it?  What's the app called?  Just "Where"?  Then it tells you where you are and guides you to the secret spot?

The geo-caching thing isn't Where, that's like Yelp.  It's called Geo-pointer.  You enter in the long and lat of the "cache" and it directs you to it.  I haven't had a chance to try it out yet though.  Something for when the weather gets a little warmer.

Getting it now!  But then you have to know where the cache is, right?  How do you find that out?


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