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--- Quote from: Cassander on May 17, 2009, 09:28:31 PM ---so, just a general update also, HBO picked up the first season of "Treme" which is David Simon doing a drama about new orleans immediately after Hurricane Katrina with a lot of the same actors.  Bunk from the wire is going to be the lead character.  Should be really good.

--- End quote ---

Here's the teaser...

Awesome.  Definitely keep us posted on this show if you watch it.  I'll probably just wait until it's available on Netflix.

Write-up/review of the pilot was in the local paper today.  Looks like it's going to be more of a family drama, and supposedly will have more laughs (though not necessarily be lighter in mood) than the Wire.  Of course, everyone's going to try and compare it and rate it against the Wire, which will probably suck in most online forums, but with all the talent in this project, it's hard to imagine a let-down. 

Only negative thing the reviewer had to say was that he wondered if the show had too many New Orleans-specific things going on, thus being a turn-off for people in, dare I say it, Peoria.  But, hey, nobody watched the Wire when it was on the air either.

I would think that if anyone is turned off by the New Orleans stuff, it would be people who actually live in New Orleans.  They will be the people who are able to watch the show and go, "That's not really the way it is here...", or something. 

The whole time I was watching The Wire, I wondered if Baltimore was being portrayed accurately or not... it didn't really turn me off that there was a lot of Baltimore specific stuff in the show.

I need to watch The Wire, but if it has anything near the Baltimore-loyalty of Homicide, then I'm sure those freaks up there loved it.  The NW needs nostalgia breaks when watching episodes of Homicide.  PAUSE IT!  I once dropped a snowcone at that corner.  PAUSE IT! I once was chased by a giant rat down that alley.


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