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External Hard Drives

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Man, for $100 you can get the 1TB one!  You'll need all that space once everything coming down the pike starts coming in BluRay rips....

Dropped mine down a mine shaft again yesterday then we watched Cedar Rapids off of it.  

Well, it took me from 2007 to April of this year to fill up 500mb. But, yes, 1tb will be the way to go, I think. Because, once I get it, I'll do my other OCD thing and create redundant backups of my backups so that I'll never again be without a copy of the soft-core version of Cinderella.

And, again, this is all paid for with tip why am I crying, really?

I love the abuse yours has taken. That's inspiring. I'm always super anally gentle with my electronics but, once a year, the stars align and old gods rise from their watery graves all with a singular purpose: To knock my oversized coffee mug over onto 87% of everything I possess that I consider valuable.

So, have we come to any further conclusions on external drives since 2011? I'm about to buy a bunch of 3TB back-up drives for the big web series project.

I went Seagate...and have no problems. It's all pretty standard now.


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