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Reginald McGraw:
Yes, but they'll be compliant robot children!  At least until puberty.

yeah the seagate has been totally fine.  no problems.  except that it holds so much stuff that we put stuff on there then forget we even had it and can't remember what it is just by the title.  so then we go to youtube to look up the trailer.  so it's like a little 6 month time capsule!


--- Quote from: Reginald McGraw on July 01, 2011, 08:23:28 AM ---Yes, but they'll be compliant robot children!  At least until puberty.

--- End quote ---

I'd like to address your plan to create self-repairing sentient battle bots. I just don't feel like it's a wise choice...

Reginald McGraw:
No, no, it's all very safe.


God...I think I'm OCD with stuff like this.

Here's the Seagate I found tonight, trying to match Cass's Seagate.

Even though my Iomega has been running fine for four years now (didn't realize I'd had it since 2007 -- and it's no longer available, or else I'd just buy a second one), I ended up judging things based on the reviews. The five and four star reviews versus the one star reviews, and what percentage do the one star reviews represent. For the Iomega link above, it's 25%. For WD it's 14% and Seagate is 17%.

But Cass's Seagate has been replaced by the link I just included, which is fairly new and skews the numbers!

Jesus...I sound like fajwat, don't I?

Anyway, since I'm approaching a level of OCD that is clearly in need of medical attention, I'm thinking it's time for a coin toss... Which I'll do tomorrow sometime. WD vs. Seagate.


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