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Looking at the reviews on Amazon, apparently it was really poorly put together

The TW fans all thought it was a mess, like those amazon reviews. And naval battles were supposed to suck.

Well, I've played it for about 3 evenings now and it's still pretty fun.  I laid siege on a French fort called Louisville and that was pretty fun.  I softened up the front of the fort with my artillery and then sent about half my army around the back side of the fort.  Then I made sure all my armies were in position, stopped the artillery fire and charged the front of the fort while half of my army climbed the back of it with rope ladders.  After that it was all a matter of closing in around them for the kill.

It's definitely not perfect, but I just like zooming in and watching hundreds of rendered soldiers tear each other apart.

So, listen to the cuntish masses or cunty nubbins?

Is that your first direct "cunt" Nubbins? I'll have to send you the certificate.


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