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Disco Dust:
I hope there is at least a PC geek or two on this forum who can aid me with my current predicament.

I have two flash sticks that have somehow become infected in a way that the respective folders on them do not appear at all on some computers, while some computers show them, be it in an abnormal manner.

I bought a new stick and transfered the problematic files, but the same problem persists with the new flash as well.

I imagine there must be some surefire program to disinfect these flash folders. Thanks in advance.

What's an "abnormal manner"?

And make sure your folders aren't set to hidden.  That happened to me once after I used a virus checker on my flash drive.  Don't know why, but it switched all the folders to hidden. 

What happens if you transfer the files to your desktop and try to access them there?  Are they still "infected"?

I'm sure you've tried this, but can't you just transfer the files to your desktop, format the sticks then put the files back on?

that's how i got rid of my gohnorrea!

Disco Dust:
By abnormal, I mean that now the folders do not have the usual beige color and seem colorless.

The PC I just got on is also hiding my files, so I have to check that tip about hidden folders in a few hours on another one.

The reason I have not tried Nubbins' possible solution is the large amount of time it would take considering all the folders, but if worse comes to worse that might be my last option.

Some sites seem to indicate this sort of snafu has something to do with what the infections do to the (or as the?) autorun needed to show these folders as healthy...Please fill me in if your clued in on this aspect.


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