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Why do I feel completely trivialized by this e-mail? Like, my entire six-year magazine that I've built from nothing to a well-liked and growing magazine is just some kind of rag for people to dump their old broken shit on?

--- Quote ---Hello, Tyson Tate
I've been looking at your magazine.  Yep, I need a life.  Reading your
submission guidelines made me remember some highly polished turds in my
drawer that I'd like to aim in your direction.  As long as it doesn't
involve any work on my part, like converting the things to HTML.  You can
have 'em in RTF or plain text though, or even Word, that isn't too

I won't accept your money, so don't insult me by offering any for these fine
works of unusual fiction.  I'm assuming you're prepared to read submissions
from the UK, Wales in particular.  They're a bit unusual in that they're
based on biblical stories but twisted, mercilessly, to make them funny.
They haven't been submitted anywhere else because I haven't found anywhere
likely to take them - until now. The mag they were written for went under
(yes, I'm a pro) so I'm stuck with them.  Lenghts are 3,300 and 2,000 words.
Rojjah's Ark and God Created Woman.

Let me know.

Best wishes

**** *****
--- End quote ---

Wow. Thanks pal. I'm the bottom-feeder. What a nice way to begin my lunch break.

Send him to GS!  We're not afraid to admit that we're bottom feeders.

Too late, I told him to send some stuff. If they suck, I'll forward them to you. Well, either that or I'll edit them mercilessly until they're presentable.

Ok kids, you're the first to know that the SUPER EXCITING ENTROPY MAGAZINE MAILING LISTS are up.


Don't you feel special now?

So hurry up and sign your death warrants-I MEAN- e-mail addresses so I can sell them to Nigerian spammers for a few nickels so I can afford dinner tonight.


--- Quote from: Tyson ---

Don't you feel special now?

--- End quote ---


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