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Okay, the last thing I owned like this was my Car Discman.  So if I want to upgrade the device attached to things I jam in my ears, what do I want?

I've dismissed iPods because I think Apple is gay, and the whole screwed up files thing is annoying... But does it really matter?  Should I get the stick out of my ass?  Are there competitive devices of equal or greater quality?

And if iPod is the way of things, then which one do I want?

This is primarily for business -- in this case, listening to Podcasts and shit like that.  Subscribing to literary snoot-snoot stuff.  So not a big music thing, though I imagine I'll immediately start transferring music over to it.

Yes, get the stick out of your ass.  iPod is the best thing on the market, hands down.  Keep in mind that this is coming from someone who desperately wants to hate Apple and their stupid, metrosexual company.

The proprietary format thing is not that big of a deal.  The only reason it's an issue for me is because I ripped most of my entire CD library (about 2,000 discs... took me almost 2 months) before I realized that iTunes was converting them to the proprietary format.  If you're savvy, then you just tell iTunes that you want it to convert to mp3 instead and bam... it's as easy as that.

I will go with Apple mp3 players for the forseeable future because they make players with the most capacity.  I currently have a 160gig, but they've discontinued that and now the largest they make is the 120gig iPod Classic.  I've only briefly seen the touch, but it's basically an iPhone that plays mp3's and whatnot.

It depends what you're going to be using it for though.  If it's just to listen to stuff at work and you're going to be loading the thing every other day, then you don't need something mega huge like mine.  I would stick with Apple, though... I absolutely love their media players. 

The Zune is supposed to be okay too, but I've never used one.  I have friends who have them and they seem happy enough with them.  I've heard that they're even bigger bitches about the proprietary shit than Apple is though, so take that as you will.  I do know that the Zune HD looks cool as shit, but I still probably won't buy one.

Yeah, it'll just be for podcasts, maybe a little music, mostly for the commute or while at work....

So the IPod shuffle is dead that a good way to go? The Amazon reviews are dismal... I'm actually a bit overwhelmed at Amazon.  What's all this generation stuff?  The new generation doesn't make the old one obsolete?  And there are, what, half a dozen different models? 

The shuffle sucks.  I mean, it's great if you spend 45 minutes a day on a treadmill and just want some noise filtered into your head while you do it.  But, there is no screen and no way to play stuff in order... it's absolutely horrendous if you use it for audiobooks or podcasts.

Basically, as far as I understand it, you have the Shuffle, Nano, Touch and Classic.  The Shuffle, as mentioned above, sucks ass unless it's used in a certain way.  The Nano is a smaller version of the Classic both in hard drive size and physical dimensions.  The Touch is an iPhone without a mic or speaker... like, it is literally an iPhone.  It's got a slightly larger drive than the Nano as well. 

The Classic is my personal favorite, but that is only because it's got the largest hard drive.  It's just an updated version of the original iPod and is about the same size as the Touch... maybe a bit smaller.  It's a breeze to carry around, holds roughly 29,000 songs and I would be completely and utterly lost without mine.

If I were you, I would focus on the Nano.  It's really tiny and they have a decent enough sized drive in them to hold quite a bit of stuff.  It's also got a color screen for browsing and most if not all of the functionality of the Classic versions. 

Okay!  I have my roadmap, then.  Thanks.


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