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This is a great doc.

Most definitely... really touching and pretty incredible.

Also, DJ Shadow!

Yes!  Dark Days will always have a special spot in my heart because of DJ Shadow.  I actually sold a copy of the Sexy Beast soundtrack to Ian Astbury (The Cult) when he was looking for the Dark Days soundtrack.  I have probably told this story a million times, so apologies if you heard it before.

He befriended the guy who made Dark Days and suggested he use Shadow for the soundtrack.  So he came into our store looking to get a copy and I hadn't heard of the movie, but I mentioned that Sexy Beast was largely done by UNKLE, one of Shadows side projects, showed him the album and he wound up buying it instead.

Ken Burns just did a new one on the National Parks.  It's airing on the WETA in the DC area, and I'm recording it.  Caught bits and pieces of it last night and it looked pretty good.


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