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Upcoming or old favorites, this is the thread.

First up, The Edge, Jimmy Page, and Jack White in It Might Get Loud.

Man, why do we not already have a documentary thread?

I've actually kind of burned out, though.  I just watch the quiet little ones like Helvetica and so on.  But let's hear some recs!

And, of course, I'm always waving the flag for Orwell Rolls in his GRave:

--- Quote ---Orwell Rolls in His Grave is a 2004 documentary film written and directed by Robert Kane Pappas. It examines the current and past relationships between the media, the US government and corporations, analyzing the possible consequences of the concentration of media ownership. Making references to George Orwell's novel Nineteen Eighty-Four, the film argues that reality has met and in some ways exceeded Orwell's expectations about a society dominated by thought control, which is made possible by the media. According to the film, the mass media no longer report news, but manage it, deciding what makes the headlines and what is conveniently ignored, thus ultimately defining the framework upon which most other issues are discussed by the society. As an example, it is claimed that since the late 1980s there's been an agenda pursued by the major media corporations regarding the deregulation of the media market, by which news reports sell all its benefits while neglecting its disastrous results.
--- End quote ---


haaa, holy crap... they have this documentary in its entirety on Youtube.  Gotta love PBS!



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