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Last Night in Soho is easily the best horror film I've seen in the last 20 years.

It's not unique or amazing. It's Stir of Echoes basically. And it's a little bit of everything else -- Sliding Doors comes to mind, and many other movies came to mind while I was watching.

But, somehow, it's a perfect distillation of what's come before. It's slow-paced in a good way (you eventually get a handful of jump scares, but they're mainly in the final act). In terms of pacing, it feels like The Changeling -- where you spent a long time knowing that something is wrong, but you can't quite figure out what.

I even guessed the twist about an hour before it happened and was still surprised!

Great stuff. Plus you get Anya Taylor-Joy's butt.

The Hellraiser reboot really did it for me.

The beauty ( and staying power) of the original was that it leaned into kink and body modification taboos, but I worried about how it would play in an age where everybody has lip piercings, and you can buy bondage toys at Walmart. But they leaned into the otherworldliness with the art direction, and gave all the iconography a little bit more meaning. It's one of the rare instances where trying to explain every little visual detail form the original rules actually worked. (The rules of the box have never been clearer, and they still managed to make "hell" mysterious and scary. The Cenobites look great. Femme / androgynous Pinhead is somehow creepier than Doug Bradley.

From a Hellraiser sequel standard, the story is fine, which is a really low bar. The first half/set-up is really good. They did a bunch of stupid late 2nd act horror movie shit to keep it from being three hours long that took a bit of shine off, but it sticks the landing in a satisfying way.

Not for the squeamish, but if you can handle torture gore, RC says check it out

I'm shocked to read that review! I totally dismissed this without a second thought. So...will give it a go!


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