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Helicopter to Nubbins

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Okay, Nubbs got me this little radio controlled helicopter for my birthday, and I pretty much go home and play with it till it runs out of steam every single night.  Just flying it around the apartment... It's infrared and it hates the sun, so outdoor play is no fun. 

But now I'm hooked.  What's the next step in this addiction?

Little airplanes!  RC Cars!  I have an RC collection that is really kind of scary.  Those choppers are the SHIT though. :)  Get little green army men and try to rescue them from the wild jungles of your fern.

I always ended up strafing the good guys in Chopper Command... Too much temptation. 

Ha ha! Oh, god. You guys are all 10 year olds.

Air Hogs Aero Aces are fun as shit too... they're actually radio controlled, so you can fly them outside up to like 150 feet or something.

They also make a Storm Launcher that is a boat/airplane... mine worked for about 3 days, then I had it shipped home and it never worked right again.

My personal favorites are the cars, but they are a bit more pricey... particularly if you upgrade the parts on them like we did.  But MAN... those fuckers fly.

Of course, the problem with RC stuff is that if you are like me, then you eventually wind up graduating to shit that is fairly expensive... like the Revo 3.3... it's gas powered, has a 2-speed automatic transmission and will do 45mph.

but MAN are they fun.  With a big enough ramp, you can jump them in the air and flip them all the way around.  They are monsters... no terrain can really stop them.


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