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Reginald McGraw:
So...I bought my wife a TV for mother's day.

She wanted one, 'cause she's cool like that.

Got a sweet deal on a 42" LCD HD: $600 including shipping!

The TV is very pretty.

I was also amazed at the difference between component cables and an HDMI cable.

Oh, god.  Sexy.  Where was that deal?

Reginald McGraw:  Top of the front page...still there!

Apparently some hotel chain went out of business and they got these things on the very cheap.

HDMI is the bomb!  No screwing that fucking coax bullshit in, plus it's a pretty standard format which means most laptops can just plug right in, no hassle no fuss.

I can't believe how much the price has dropped even since I bought mine.  I got a 32" (or is it 37"?) Samsung for $900 last July and back then, that was a cheap price.  They're dropping like rocks!

Now you just need a Blu-ray player for Father's Day. :)

Reginald McGraw:
I'm crossing my fingers for a PS3 next Friday for my birthday....heh heh.


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