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So it appears my dishwasher is broken.  Won't drain.  I've checked all the hoses and there appears to be no clog.  Have no idea what the problem is.  Other than it's 20yrs old.  Sometimes owning a house really sucks.

I've always felt that owning would be undesirable.  It's always one thing after another...and it's up to you to pay for and fix it.  Renting may be crazy and annoying but, damn, if the dishwasher goes a new one is free and just a phone call away.  Pop!  In it goes. 

All that said -- does your dishwasher have one of those little grates at the bottom?  There's always fun stuff in there.  And check the elevation of the hose to the sink.  Sometimes it can stop draining if that hose has fallen.

I've done all that, and the Handyman/Father is coming over tonight to help me take a look at it. 

There are times where I think, "Man I wish I rented" but then I look at the $50K in equity I've built up (yes taking into account our current housing market) and the fact that I can write off every penny of interest on my taxes.

I write off stolen alcohol on my taxes.

Dishwashers aren't my forte, so I have no clue what could be wrong.


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