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Okay...I've decided to properly get into home brewing.  But, because I'm cheap and poor, I'm going to buy everything piece by piece.

I'm going off of these sites:

And, when next I get a free Saturday (ha, ha), I'm going to go stick my head into the big brewery warehouse supply place in furthest Columbia and talk to someone.  Maybe start grabbing some equipment.

Any of you guys have experience or know someone who does?  It seems fairly simple, once you actually have all the shit you need.  Cook it up, put it into the carboy, then let it ferment for a few weeks.  Then drink five gallons of beer in one setting because you have OCD.  Easy!

I've always wanted to do this.  I have several friends from college who got into doing this too.  I don't think the equipment investment is all that expensive.  I think it's fairly easy to fuck up the process and make screwy beer though.

Yeah, been pricing it out today online with the big place in Columbia I plan to go to.  Looks like $100 will get me the best equipment (and I can cut corners and go cheaper), and the ingredients are very cheap.  Like $35 to make five gallons... Which is far cheaper than actually buying beer.

I'm not going to be gay about the beer, though.  No raspberry chocolate almond honey wheat Octoberfest.  I'm going to stick with straight-up beer.  So I bet that'll cut down on the screwy beer factor.

Regardless, I fully expect to royally fuck up the first few batches.

You could start the Screwy Beer Microbrewery.  Bathtub beer for the common man!

Mmm...bathtub beer.


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