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So I loved Spurlock's show.  Catching up with my downloads, hit episode 5 which puts two New Yorker's onto a weirdo commune and decided to check the place out.  Maybe I could spend my next six week freakout vacation on a commune fucking hippie chicks, right?

So I bounce on over to their web page and, well, they're a little cunty:

I was going to donate some money, too.  This response changed my mind.

Oh! I meant to download this. All I'm finding on the P2P networks is music by some "Humble Pie" band.

Where can I get this? Am I searching by the wrong keywords (30 days).

Hey Tyson.  We tried to give you a taste of what we had access to.  You all shunned us and told us you wanted no part of it.  Maybe when we move over to the new hosting we'll put some of this shit up for direct download.  Maybe not.  I know I'm not doing anything until I get someone out here to fix my shitting 1/2 mb down and 13Kb/s up shitty internet connection.  Fuck Verizon.

Didn't know you were interested, could have been feeding them through here.  Seriously, Yotoc and I can get anything you want.  That's never really clicked with folks, has it?

30 Days. Pronto!

I found 101 and 103, but at 4k a sec, it's take 30 days to download.


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