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ED 3/10/09:  Here, I think we need this here.  No more one post threads or threads like "gee, we don't have a thread for Riptide?"  Also merging a few older threads below.  So just general TV chat and shows that aren't worth going on and on about.  Or whatever.

Being Human:

I was unimpressed with advanced talk about this show, ignored it, and then read (after the season ended) that it was quietly I decided to give it a go. 

A vampire turned during the Great War and a recently made werewolf move into an apartment haunted by the previous owner, a girl who died in an accident.  She's a chirpy, friendly ghost, they're a couple of British metrosexuals, and it's got this bizarre Friends vibe going on.  Except they're all struggling with these supernatural demons.  The werewolf has to lock himself up during a full moon, the vampire is the classic reluctant vampire type who works as a nurse and is trying to not kill people, and ghost girl can only be seen by certain people and can only do certain things.  They're all infinitely lonely, and the vamp has to deal with the whole vampire hierarchy thing...which doesn't seem to mind that he's a goodnik, but does mind that he's interfering with their "recruitment." 

It's strangely refreshing to see a slightly different take on the "young, special, do-gooder" vampire character and his sire (and leader of the clan).  Still the same menacing ancient overlord, but it's somehow fresh.  The sire vampire (who is a cop) does magic tricks for children, is polite, and is more like a somewhat easy going mafia capo than anything else.'s 100% fluff.  But it doesn't suck, and it's British so it's cool.

Wait...where's the Burn Notice thread?  Didn't we have one?

Anyway...awesome show, everyone go watch it.

What I came here to post was to warn Sirharles off of the finale.  There's a car chase scene with a punk rock song where they bleep shit out.  It's just about the most distracting thing ever.

punk rock punk rock punk rock BLEEEEEEEEP punk rock punk rock punk rock BLEEEEP

So you're spending this entire awesome car chase with bullets and bombs trying to figure out what this Pavlovian tone is until you realize it's something in the song. 

So, I guess, wait for the DVD.

I saw last night, yea that scene was bad.  But the rest of the episode was great.  And it's coming back for another season in June!  So no year long wait.

Making the rounds today...

--- Quote ---MTV News reports that casting for a live-action  Star Wars TV series is
currently underway.

News of the potential production first surfaced in 2005 while George Lucas was promoting Revenge of the Sith, but work on the Clones Wars animated feature film and Cartoon Network series took creative precedence. In late 2007, Lucas revealed that he and his team were about to begin writing scripts for the live-action show.

Acording to MTV News, Rose Byrne let slip during the junket for the Nicolas Cage thriller Knowing that Team Lucas is casting a wide net for actors to join the show. "A lot of my friends have been auditioning for it," she said.

Asked whether she planned to audition, Byrne replied, "I don't know if I look that good in space."
--- End quote ---

But....... she was in Sunshine?

Also I believe Einstein proved that hotness is magnified in the vacuum of space.


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