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Clearly you need a repeater and controllers and stuff, 10-4

I love this thing!  Now I kind of wish I'd gotten one of the more expensive ones... I can't pick up any police, but I did get some air traffic to come in on my way home.  The problem is that I think the cops, fire department, etc. are on trunked systems... what that means is their radios transmit to one another on multiple frequencies that change every few seconds.  They send out a code that lets the other radios know what frequency they are going to next... my scanner doesn't have trunking, so I get snippets of conversation and that's it... at least I think that's what's going on.  I can't really tell because I don't know what I'm doing.

I did get a bunch of HAM stations to come in though, and that's pretty sweet.  Makes me want to get a HAM radio.

Still, this should work fine for scanning frequencies at the track.  I can't wait to use it!

So I'm reading up on these again today... apparently some of the scanners you can order from Europe and the UK have continuous coverage from 25MHz to 1.3GHz with no gaps.  The shitty one I got yesterday only goes up to about 500MHz and it has some gaps in coverage that I assume are there to prevent me from listening to shit I'm not supposed to hear.

But, with one of these European ones, you can listen in on the 800-960MHz frequencies used by cell phone towers and analog phones.  Ever wonder what the douchebag who cut you off in traffic was talking about on his goddamn cell phone?  Sounds like a recipe for prison.

I'm posting this here just for my own reference later when I decide to upgrade. :)

--- Quote ---a few years ago, Radio Shack put out a base scanner called the REALISTIC PRO-2006. It was truly a wonderful scanner in the conventional mode... no trunk tracking then. But it worked great and was able to be modified in order to receive cell phone conversations by clipping 1 leg of a diode. I still use this scanner today for various local scanning needs. The best scanner under my roof at the present time is a UNIDEN UBC3300XLT Trunk Tracking handheld scanner with PC software control. I purchased this scanner new through the internet approx 2 years ago. The Uniden UBC3300XLT is the EURO Version of the BC250D from the U.S.A. and on the EURO Version as one would guess, its got a full frequency range with NO CELLULAR PHONE GAPS, meaning I can program in any frequency I desire with no gaps in my continuous coverage. I love it, and would never ever part with this handheld scanning machine. From Kevin in Ocala, Florida.
--- End quote ---

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