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So I'm going to the NASCAR race on Sunday and because the last few I've been to have been mind numbingly boring, I went out to Fry's today and picked up a cheap scanner so I can listen to the driver radio.

Anyway, now I'm sitting here in my office trying to figure out how the goddamn thing works.  I've been trying to find the police or fire radio for an hour... somehow I got it scanning HAM frequencies and I actually found two dudes talking to each other.  They're talking about some guy they both know through HAM radio.  They keep blasting tones and callsigns and shit... really weird.  It's like sitting and listening in on someone's phone conversation.

hahaha, now there are 3 of them.  It's like an internet chat room without smilies.

They're talking about the economy now.  One guy said that based on "the current government" he expects a lot more people to be taking the permanent "dirt nap"... strange.

Oh man!  Found another HAM station!

These guys are talking about alternative power sources or something... dammit, I wish I could talk on this thing.

"People used to ask me what I do for a living and I'd say artificial insemination of fruit flies and gnats.... they looked at me reeeeal funny."

You're not allowed to talk without a license.  They're crazy about that, too.

I love amateur radio... Keep meaning to get into it, but it can get expensive.  Plus I live in a jar so the regular old antennas are no good, and the apartment people won't let us put up big fuck-off antennas.


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