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Vista was a debacle, but starting tomorrow you can download a Beta Version of Windows 7 which is sipposed to fix a lot of the issues

I'm sticking with XP which I love but I'm also interested in seeing what's what, especially since Microsoft is going to stop supporting XP within a couple years.

We had a big convo about this here at the office today (one of my co-workers is listed as a developer or something) and he said that people's issues with Vista are largely blown out of proportion.  I guess I believe him, I dunno.  The initial versions I saw of it were really shitty, but they've apparently patched up a lot of the bugs in it since then.

That said, I'm still using XP on both my work and personal machines.

Didn't it take you until just last year to actually catch up with XP?

I routinely want to throw my Vista laptop through a window.

Me?  Nah... I've had it for a while.  I was unbelievably slow in getting a non-dial-up internet connection though.

How old is your laptop?  I'm told a lot of the issues with Vista came from the fact that there were computers marked as "Vista Ready" when they really had no business trying to run it in the first place.  Actually, I think someone here may have told me that at some point.

Sorry, I was replying to RC.

Laptop is now a year old.  But, yes, you're right.  And that is this laptop's problem.  It's sort of, you know, stolen...


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