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I'm not dead. I was on Topsail Island in NC getting sunburnt and having my father take me to the cleaners in hand after hand of Texas Hold-'Em. Vacation part duex is two weeks from now when the wife and I head up to Coastal Maine for a ten day road trip.

In movie news, I think it's screening in Richmond, VA on August 13. But the big news is that the offically got accepted to it's first festival. It's a small one, but should be fun. It's in West Chaster, PA in early October. I'm updating all this jazz before Monday, and will square a link away in the First Session thread with all the funky details.

Right now I have to figure out how to navigate the forums . . . again. That's okay though. I'm happy to do it. Yotoc's new avatar tellls me to do so otherwise could be dangerous.

Monkey *heart* RC

Oh, yeah, we changed the forums.  Forget to announce that.  Look at all the shit on the left under your avatar -- very handy in terms of navigation.

Yeah, it's much better.

Also, do I have a blog?

Click on "blogs" and you should see an option to set one up.


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