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Okay... shows I'm giving up on:

Sarah Connor Chronicles

How disturbing that I'm giving up on sci fi shows.  I mean, I sat through every episode of Logan's Run, and the second season of War of the Worlds, and V: The Series, and I've actually paid money for Starlost.  These are all programs that make normal people want to swallow their tongue like the guy in the cell next to Hannibal Lector. 

But...I just can't get into it.

Eleventh Hour

I thought this show was better than the UK version... But that doesn't stop it from being stupid, like the UK version, and intensely repetitive.


This show got weird this season. 

Rescue Me

I won't be joining season five because this show lost its was two years ago.


Exhausting nonsense.  It was cute for one season, but not worth a second season.

Shows I'm about to give up on:

True Blood

The only reason I keep watching this is because each episode ends with a cliffhanger.

Merlin (BBC)

Worthless trash.  I was hoping they'd adopt some more of the myth instead of flying off and trying to copy the atrocious Robin Hood.


Season three has become a rambling, predictable yawn.  I think it ends soon, so I'll keep going.

You're giving up on Dexter?!?!  Noooo!!!  I can't wait to see next week's episode.  I've seen episodes here and there since the beginning, but never enough to link the story together from week to week... we just started tuning in regularly and it's been great so far... at least I thought so anyway.

And giving up on Survivorman!  I'm truly shocked.  That's another one that's seemed pretty great to me.  I can't believe you're giving up on it in the last season it will be on the air.  Oh well, to each his own I guess.

I gave up on True Blood about 15 minutes after the first episode started.  I can tell it's a shitty show because it's one we have to watch EVERY FUCKING WEEK AT THE HOUSE GOD SHOOT ME NOW.  If it was even remotely decent, then my roommates probably wouldn't be interested in seeing it.  Maybe it's because I'm Southern and the accents are just so horribly awful... or maybe it's the fact that I think the show blows even when there's rampant T&A all over the place.  Either way... yeah, I'm right there with ya.  I wish everyone would give up on that show.

Sticking with Dexter for now.  I don't like the pregnancy/wedding thing...but the show is about his path as a normal person, so okay.  I really don't like the subplot with the sister and the angry cop.  I guess I miss Doakes.  What an awesome finale that was.  "SURPRISE MOTHERFUCKER!"  That was the show's high point.

Have you watched the latest Survivorman episodes?  He's really kind of changed his attitude.  I don't know if it's hearing from him on the blog and elsewhere about how he's tired of it, or if he's just hamming it up a bit. 

True Blood is a shitty show.  Don't get dragged into a full episode, because that cliffhanger hook at the end of each one is fucking cunning and evil.  You sit there hating it for an hour, and then OMG AAAHHHH!!! *credits*  So, jesus, you have to watch the next episode.  If only in the hopes that Anna Paquin fucking dies.

See, I missed all of the last season of Dexter.  I've literally seen maybe 5 episodes in all from a variety of seasons... still, I have enjoyed almost all of them.  I can't wait to see what happens to the crazy, bloodthirsty lawyer.

True Blood is awful... just very bad all around.  So bad that the tits and horribly graphic violence don't even mildly interest me in seeing it.

Shows I wish would be purged from my fucking house:

True Blood

Brothers and FUCKING Sisters... seriously, watch 10 minutes of this show.  I dare you.  There is nothing on TV that even comes close to paralelling the verbal diarrhea that spills from this show on a weekly basis.  It makes flaming gay guys go, "Fuck... that show is gay as hell."

Grey's Anatomy... an actual line from last week's episode: "You don't get to apologize for being dead!!!" ... yyyyyeah. 

Shot at Love with Tila Tequila... another show wanton tits, ass and hot lesbians cannot make a dent in.  You will actually feel brain cells euthanizing one another inside your skull as you watch it.

Rock of Love with Brett Michaels... Tila with a man.  Although he came before her, so I guess she's Rock with a chick.  Of course, both are shitty spinoffs of fucking Flavor of Love with Flavor Flav.  Ugh... it doesn't matter.  Horrible.

Nanny 911... This show is fucking dangerous because you hate it, but it's kind of like COPS.  There's something about watching a 4 year old bitchslap his own mother that makes you actually suspend judgement and watch it for a minute.  Whoa.... hang on a sec... this kid's about to get his ass kicked.  Maybe it's Schadenfreude, I dunno.  I hate this show, I'd never watch it on my own... but when it's on TV you can't help but look at it and go, "Jesus fuck... those people are FUCKED UP!"

Extreme Home Makeover... brb, I'm going to go makeover my face with buckshot.

America's Got Talent
America's Next Top Dance Team
So You Think You Can Dance?
American Idol

Wow...I haven't even heard of half of those.


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