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Suffering Through TNG: It's time for your oral exam, Wesley!

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So Strange New Worlds continues to be excellent....and it continues to fuck up. The most recent episode was great, right up till the end when we discover the secret bad guy is none other than fucking Sybok from Star Trek V. Jesus. What's next? A phone call from V'Ger?

The first two seasons of Picard were such a fuckery. The first season almost painful to watch, the second season slightly better thanks largely to Q carrying everything.

Season three? It's exactly what TV Star Trek should be. Perfect, all the way through. Fan service in a way that actually, somehow, shockingly works and is acceptable and doesn't get in the way of the story.

I really hope the rest of "NuTrek" understands what just happened and adapts to build on this success.

I'm sad that I once spent 130 hours marathoning this show when all I had to do was this:

Man, Strange new Worlds season two is so, so, so good. I'm even getting used to Nu-NuKirk.

Strange New Worlds remains consistently wonderful even hen they go totally crazy. The crossover episode with Lower Decks may be one of the best episodes of Star Trek ever.


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