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Suffering Through TNG: It's time for your oral exam, Wesley!

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I love how everybody calls Wesley "The Boy" throughout the first season.

"Captain...I want to talk to you about Wesley..." says the Traveler.

Picard blinks and replies, "The boy?"

And that's been the case for the first five episodes so far.

"The Boy has taken over Engineering!"

The Last Outpost introduces the Ferengi, who quickly become the modern era Star Trek's favorite alien.  Though, at first, they're evil... They're more just comically troublesome by the time DS9 comes around. 

Of course, Enterprise, and its insistence on ignoring great storylines in favor or revisiting the most popular elements or Star Trek, retcons the shit out of the Ferengi backstory. 

Because we get our first new recurring alien of the new Star Trek era (except for Q), the episode is vaguely entertaining. 


I love Data's "Yankee traders" comment when describing the Ferengi.  And Riker locks on to that.  So, during the description of the Ferengi race, Riker says "Yankee traders!" four times.

"Yankee traders!  My ancestors!"

"Yankee traders?"

"Yankee traders!!"

"Yankee traders!  I like the sound of that!!!"

I remember when I watched this show for the first time, I was excited for every new episode.  Now when I go back I can't even sit through one episode.  In the later seasons.....maybe, but I have to be REALLY bored.

Yeah, same here.  This shit was so huge.  But, man, it's now 100% unwatchable.

I'm programming Boble entries through the end of 2008 right now... Then back to the marathon!

I love season two, where half the cast drops out because they support the writer's strike and we get all these temporary people without introduction...and who are never heard from again.


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