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Suffering Through TNG: It's time for your oral exam, Wesley!

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Lonely Among Us.  The even then well overdone story where an alien force takes over the minds of our main characters. 

Tasha Yar's dress uniform skirt confirms what we've been thinking for six episodes:  She has a gigantic ass.  Actually, all the women in TNG look fat.  Except for Crusher.  She's our redheaded goodness. 

Justice.  While on a routine mission to a known sector of space that has been explored for hundreds of years, the Enterprise just discovers a brand new Earth-like planet, contacts the natives, finds them to be groovy hippies, and organizes a massive shore leave even though they just discovered the planet a few hours before.

Wesley Crusher crushes a flower, which is a crime. 

This episode is a rip-off of the Rules of Luton from Space: 1999, a brutally painful Wesley episode, and considered by the fans to be the quintessential "Prime Directive" episode -- that is, a trivial law is broken and must be respected even though, again, the Enterprise wields god-like power in comparison to the baddies.

Picard wins the day by arguing that there is no justice when there are absolute laws. 

The Battle.  The Ferengi return.  This time with a stolen Starfleet ship -- Picard's old command.  He's made to answer for past "crimes," but all is okay in the end.  Of course.

Hide and Q.  So we now know that the entire series was all part of the trial that started at Encounter at Farpoint, which sort of retcons Q's various episodes as either nudging the humans forward or turning the screws.

In this one, Q's second appearance is all about trying to tempt Riker into joining the Q.

This is sort of the first real Q episode.  John DeLancie seems to have gotten into stride and, without the burden of having to fill the classic show's shoes, we get to properly enjoy the character.

Too Short a Season. The Enterprise has to pick up an ancient hostage negotiator who starts to get younger during the flight, because you really want to start fucking around with alien youth drugs when there are lives at stake and not during the long, empty days of your retirement.


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